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The Leasing Advantage

Leasing from Advantage gives businesses a competitive edge in addressing their equipment financing needs.
Advantage Financial Services offers a variety of leasing options.
Our professionals will work with you to design the right plan to meet your specific business needs and objectives.

Judge the Advantage of financing your needs through leasing.

Here are some of the options:

Operating Lease
With an operating lease, the length or term is shorter than the expected useful life of the equipment. This is a popular lease option for computers and high-tech equipment.

A shorter lease term makes it more convenient for a business to upgrade equipment more frequently -- staying ahead of the obsolesence curve.

An operating lease will often include a fair market value purchase option, giving the business a choice of keeping equipment that may still meet needs.

This type of lease, while giving the business flexibility to more frequently upgrade equipment, generally results in higher monthly payments than a longer term lease.
Finance Lease
With a finance lease the term is longer, more nearly approximating the useful life of the equipment. Payments tend to be lower because of the longer term and less residual risk for the lessor. From an accounting standpoint, an operating lease is the simplest type. Since you only expense the payments as rentals; there is no requirement to add the asset to the balance sheet. Check with your accountant or tax advisor for details. >Finance leases may include customized options based upon the cost and your business needs. Another form of finance lease is known as a lease-back. For a number of reasons, your business may wish to initially purchase the needed equipment. Then, after a period of time, the equipment is sold to a lessor and leased-back, freeing your business capital. Talk with a knowledgeable Advantage Financial Services representative about your needs.
Fair Market Value Lease
A lease containing an option to purchase the leased property at the end of the lease term at its then fair market value.

The lessor does not have the ability to retain title to the equipment if the lessee chooses to exercise the purchase option.

Talk with a knowledgeable Advantage Financial Services representative to see if this lease program your needs.
Stated Purchase Option Lease
A lease containing a provision allowing the lessee, at its option, to purchase the equipment for a price predetermined at lease inception, that is normally lower than the expected fair market value at the date the option can be exercised. Let an Advantage Financial Services specialist explain this and other options tailored to fit your specific business needs.


Leasing is recognized by an increasing number of businesses, from the smallest to the largest, as the smart and flexible way to finance. In fact, lease financing is used by a majority of businesses in the U.S. and now accounts for about one-third of new equipment acquisitions.
       (source: © 2013, Equipment Leasing & Financing Assoc.)
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